Cauldron Concoctions

A seething, swirling, noxious-looking, possibly toxic mass of creativity from the Feeney family.


Writing projects, musings, general creative outbursts

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Lee Mooga

A place for all things Kabooga

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Da Dooga

Can we call you Dadoo?

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A cauldron is a large metal pot or kettle with an arc-shaped handle that can be hung over an open fire and used for cooking or boiling water. Various ingredients are added to the cauldron and allowed to cook slowly over the fire for a long time until they are ready to be eaten.

This site is like that traditional cooking cauldron. We've been gathering and preparing the many ingredients for this endeavor for a long time, and now that the contents have come to a nice, gentle simmer, it's only a matter of time before we can all enjoy the bounty within.